Berlin Atonal Festival 2021

Saturday 25. September 2021 — Saturday 30. October 2021
Berlin Atonal Festival 2021

Berlin Atonal presents Metabolic Rift: an (un)guided exhibition-tour through the entire Kraftwerk building from 25.09 – 30.10.2021. The exhibition operates as a sequenced series of site-specific interventions from leading international sound and visual artists, channeling an audience’s experience through organised time. Small groups enter previously unused spaces of the former powerplant to discover a choreographed succession of artistic assemblages. Borrowing the logic of a ‘ghost-train’, the principle is accumulation and the sequence of artwork-apparitions is set as if according to a musical score. The boundaries between things shift and reassemble. Seeing and hearing happens in a chain reaction, a circulation of kinetic energy. .…”

Kraftwerk Berlin
Köpenicker Str. 70
10179 Berlin