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Chornier Strasse Festoons and Pennant Chains across the Street

Choriner Strasse Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

A view down Choriner Strasse, from the upper end in Prenzlauer Berg or from the corner of Oderberger Strasse / Schönhauser Allee in the direction of Mitte. Very nice to see here again the pennants and garlands that are so typical for Choriner Strasse. Every year at the Sttrassenfest, old garlands are replaced and new […]

Landwehrkanal / Urbanhafen

View from the Admiralbrücke on the Landwehrkanal in the direction of Urbanhafen. A sunny autumn day in Kreuzberg. A few swans come swimming towards us.

Admiralbrücke Berlin Kreuzberg

Admiralbrücke Berlin Kreuzberg

Indian summer in Berlin Kreuzberg – a walk along the Landwehrkanal, or just hanging out at the Admiralbrücke. Once again a Golden October – at least partially. Autumn in Berlin can also be quite beautiful.