November Rain – Rainy Days in Mitte

Berlin rainy days

Sometimes the Berlin weather situation in autumn and winter can be a bit annoying. To say the least. Of course it has to rain every now and then – but sometimes the rain just won’t stop. And it might also be windy – so the rain won’t really respect the umbrella you might be lucky to be having with you. And with temperatures around 10°C this might become a perfect combination for a pefectly bad mood. And then you realize – hey, my mood is perfectly well reflected by the weather.

I must admit I also like it when the weather is like this. People are hurrying from A to B and showing off their bad mood and their rain wear: rain coats, umbrellas, rubber boots. And of course I also like the view when the TV-Tower is half way stuck in clouds. And the dominating color is grey. So grey. In all its beautiful shades.

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