“Stop Wars” / Haus der Statistik Otto-Braun-Strasse

'Stop Wars' near Alexanderplatz

'Stop Wars' on the cfacade of Haus der Statistik near Alexanderplatz - Photo: T.Bortels/nuberlin.com

Walking down towards Karl-Marx-Allee, coming from Alexanderplatz, you may have seen the huge piece of streetart written on the building of the former Haus der Statistik (House of Statistics) at the corner of Otto-Braun-Strasse: “STOP WARS”. It is currently probably one of the most photographed pieces of streetart around here – although one may want to argue that it’s actually not art but a political statement. Anyways – stretching over three floors in height the piece it’s quite impressive. Just eight letters – rather simple message – but still so provocative. Brilliant.

For about 8 years the building has been empty now. Chances are that in the near future the building will be used by the initiative Haus der Statistik (hausderstatistik.org) in cooperation with the district Mitte to provide a space for art, artists and various social projects in the very center of Berlin.

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