Berlin Home Building: Apartment Construction in 2015

Berlin Home Building: Apartment Construction 2015

Berlin Apartment Construction 2015 - Photo: T.Bortels/

Recently the Berlin Bureau of Statistics have released numbers and figures describing the Berlin Apartment Construction in 2015. And since I find the numbers quite interesting I had a closer look and I’ll try to sum up some of them.

In 2015 alone a total of 22.365 was approved by the supervision authorities. That is indeed more than 16% more apartments than in the year before – but still not quite the record of the year 1995 when almost 30.000 apartments (29.457) were approved.

Of these 22.365 apartment, 17.935 will be newly built. About one third of these new constructions are planned as condominium apartments, two third are planned as rental apartments. About 90% of the new constructions are built in apartment buildings – only about 10% are planned as single-family houses or as town houses. An additional 4.430 will be built as attic extensions or similar, inside an already built apartment house. Most of the planning permission applications have been submitted in the Berlin districts Treptow-Köpenick , Mitte and Lichtenberg.

The total cost / total budget for all residential and commercial constructions in Berlin, approved in 2015 is estimated at 3.7 Billion Euro – about 4.6% less than in 2014.

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