Win Two Tickets for British Shorts Film Festival Berlin

I’m very happy to announce that I can give away two free tickets for the Festival Screening next Sunday evening at Sputnik Kino. No catch – no information collected, no email addresses harvested, no re-tweets necessary. Just send an email to before 5pm Berlin time Friday January 22nd 2016 with “British Shorts” in the subject line.

And this is what you can expect:

Sun 24.01. 22:00 / Sputnik Kino

  • The Hedgehog (Drama), R.: Chris Lee, Paul Storrie, 6:47 Min.
  • Rickshaw Rick (Drama), R.: Robert Manson, 10:00 Min.
  • Role Play (Drama), R.: Brynach Day, 16:00 Min.
  • The Macaron Man (Comedy/ Mockumentary), R.: Ben Garfield, 19:00 Min.
  • Holding The Strings (Music Video), R.: Benjamin Cowie, 3:34 Min.
  • Last Night In Edinburgh (Drama), R.: Bita Shafipour, 21:00 Min.
  • Oh-Be-Joyful (Comedy/ Drama), R.: Susan Jacobson, 14:00 Min.
  • Princess For A Day (Black Comedy, Drama), R.: Tom Fergus Arnott, 10:00 Min.

For further information about the screening please feel free to visit the festival website:

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