BVG: Berlin has its first electric Bus Line

Berlins public transport provider BVG has just opened the first electric Bus line. Four electrical buses are now commuting between the two West-Berlin stations Zoo (Zoologischer Garten / Hertzallee) in Charlottenburg and Südkreuz on bus line 204.

On each end the buses can be recharged for a few minutes by parking above an induction loop. The main charging will however take place in the night, when the buses are not in operation.

The buses are not only emissions-free, but also very silent. This is why they have loudspeakers attached to the vehicle body, letting the waiting passengers know of their approach acoustically.

According to BVG regular average Berlin buses have an emission of CO2 of 1.300 gramms per bus per kilometer. Following this calculation BVG estimates some 260 tons of CO2 saved per year for the operation of the bus line 204, compared to regular diesel buses.

Further information in German on the website of BVG and at “Erste Elektro-Linienbusse fahren durch Berlin

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