Yearly Archives: 2013

Video of the exhibition “Vienna Berlin – The Art of Two Cities”

The the exhibition “Vienna Berlin – The Art of Two Cities” is on display from 24.10.2013–27.01.2014 at Berlinische Galerie in Alte Jakobstraße 124-128 – a cooperation of Berlinische Galerie and the austrian Österreichische Galerie Belvedere. see also: By loading the video, you agree to Vimeo’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock Vimeo Wien […]

Cable theft costs Berlin S-Bahn Millions of Euros

If I got that right, media reports say that the Berlin S-Bahn – or actually its mother Deutsche Bahn AG lost over 17 Million Euro by cable theft – last year alone. 17 Million Euro of loss – through stolen cables? Wait a minute –  let’s try to understand what that actually could mean: 17 […]

new Tourist Tax to support Free Art Scene

It’s quite a Berlin style story – in many ways: Berlin tourists are one part of that story, the financial situation of the city and the financial support for cultural institution (“the free art scene”) is the other detail of it, Berlins mayor Klaus Wowereit plays a major role – and (very typical for Berlin) […]

KaDeWe sold to Austrian Investor

The probably most famous Berlin department store KaDeWe is about to change its owner – again. Together with Hamburgs department store Alsterhaus and Munichs Oberpollinger as well as the sports shops of the Karstadt group the department store is sold to an investor from Austria. The previous owner/ investor Berggruen is selling these houses to […]

new Berlin airport opening soon – or so

Today Berlin media reported again some ‘news’ about the new Berlin airport – or actually about processes that some fine day could turn the current mess into a functioning airport some fine day. If you ask Mr. Mehdorn that fine day could already come March 2014. But… At least in October 2013 we can probably […]

Berlin-Wall-Paper – Notes from News

The mayor of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Monika Herrmann is currently loudly thinking and talking about installing Coffee Shops to undermine the local *soft drug business*. Finally!! And skyscrapers are back: US-American investor Hines is planning to build a high rise building at Alexanderplatz. The tower would reach 150m in height, that’s about 50m beneath the visitor platform […]

BVG: public transport ticket prices rising

From 1st od August on various public transport tickets will be a bit more expensive – again. Here’s a quick overview: Ticket    since August 1st 2012  Summer 2013 Single Ticket Berlin AB 2,40 2,60 Four-Ride-Ticket Berlin AB 8,40 8,80 Short Trip Ticket 1,40 1,50 Four-Ride-Ticket for Short Trips – 5,60 Day Ticket Berlin AB 6,50 […]

Summer Berlinale at Open-Air Cinema Friedrichshain

It’s summer – and it’s Berlinale – again. Today this year’s Summer Berlinale season Every year the Open-Air Cinema Friedrichshain features a selection of Berlinale movies. Here are this summer’s highlights: Thursday, July 25, 2013 at 9 pm Berlinale Forum Das merkwürdige Kätzchen (The Strange Little Cat), director: Ramon Zürcher, Germany 2013 Friday, July 26, […]