new Berlin airport opening soon – or so

Today Berlin media reported again some ‘news’ about the new Berlin airport – or actually about processes that some fine day could turn the current mess into a functioning airport some fine day. If you ask Mr. Mehdorn that fine day could already come March 2014. But…

At least in October 2013 we can probably expect an official statement, if the new airport may be partly opened next year, offering some 10 flights a day from the north terminal — or not. Well – that’s at least some news, isn’t it?

I must say i have the feeling that some basic questions will still remain unanswered for a while: When will the new airport be opened? What will be opened? How much will it cost? Who will pay the bill? Why do ‘they’ want to close Tegel? …and last but not least: Who knows the answers to the above questions?

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