New Year’s Eve in Berlin

the official party at Brandenburg Gate

Also this year Berlin will host one of the world’s largest New Year’s Eve parties. The event will take place downtown Berlin on an area over two kilometers long, between two renowned  landmarks: the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) and the Victory Column (Siegessäule).

With over a million visitors, dozends of artists, bands and DJs the New Year’s Eve Party downtown Berlin is one of the world’s largest events at the turn of the year in Europe – if not in the world.

This year’s programme features mostly german, but also some international live acts, such as Kim Wilde, Hot Chocolate, Jimi Jamison, Johnny Logan, Udo Jürgens, Andreas Bourani, Cassandra Steen, Culture Beat, DJ BoBo, Frida Gold, Marianne Rosenberg, Berlins Country/Western band The Boss Hoss and many more. Around midnight the Scorpions are expected to perform one of their very last gigs playing “Wind of Change” around midnight. Later DJ Ötzi and other DJs will spin records until early morning hours.

As this is Berlin you are of course alowed to drink alcohol – although you are not allowed to bring glas bottles. So you better be prepared and either bring that champaign in a plastic bottle, or buy your drinks at one of the many “bar booths” that will be located along the party corridor.

And additionally you should also not bring any fire works – there will be light and laser performances as well as spectacular midnight fireworks provided.

Admission is free – further information can be found on the party’s website in english:

Kulturbrauerei Prenzlauer Berg

If you prefer to go clubbing on New Year’s Eve without having to travel a lot, you might want to concider an easy option: going to the former brewery “Kulturbrauerei” (“Culture Brewery”) in Prenzlauer Berg – which you might also call “the walled garden option”: some 15 Dancefloors, more than 30 DJs – and you just have to pay for one ticket. The huge court yard connects all the venues and around midnigh you can hang outside and watch the fireworks.

Admission is Euro 25,-
Further information can be found from the New Year’s Eve Party page of Kulturbrauerei:

other party options

Of course there is other party options than going to the largest New Year’s Eve party in town or to the walled garden Kulturbrauerei – basically you can go where ever and be pretty sure, that there’ll be a party. But on the other hand this may also mean, that there’s probably more ‘party’ in the streets than you might expect — like youngsters shooting at each other with fireworks…

Or let’s put it this way: you may want to know in advance where you want to go (A) and where you have to go (B) and how to get from A to B and back – without getting too much oth other people’s fun in your way.. Walking down Oranienstrasse in Kreuzberg around midnight might not be such a good idea, meeting at some friends’ appartment way before midnight might be a good one..=)

Party the Berlin way

Get started early, get going early – visit some good friends – eat some Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) and Würstchen (sausages). Some minutes before midnight you should grab a glas, a bottle of champagne and go into the street. But beware: around midnight there might be lots and lots of firecrackers and fireworks going off all around you – especially in certain areas..

Then you’re free to go party hopping – or clubbing – or both – or just stay a little longer wherever you are.


What ever you do, where ever you go – whatch you step and mind the gap!

Have blast! And a Happy New Year!

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