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Berlin TV-Tower / Brunnenstrasse in May

Berlin TV.Tower Brunnenstrasse

May in Berlin was a bit difficult, to say the least. The Corona situation still had a big impact on daily life – and the weather was very April-like. At least there were a few nice days – but outdoor meetings were rather difficult as it was raining, storming, or just too cold quite often. […]

Invalidenstrasse Skyline

Invalidenstrasse Skyline Berlin Mitte

Invalidenstrasse Skyline Berlin Mitte - Photo: T.Bortels/nuberlin.com

Another photo taken from Ackerstrasse facing towards Invalidenstrasse / Mitte / TV Tower. The rather unspectacular Berlin Skyline as it is seen from this very spot. Luckily some dark clouds add a little bit of drama to the view on this otherwise rather sunny day.