Urban Nation

Urban Nation, Berlin
Urban Nation
Bülowstrasse 7
10783 Berlin Schöneberg

Current / upcoming exhibitions

Talking and Other Banana Skins - Urband Nation, Berlin

Talking … & Other Banana Skins

“TALKING… & OTHER BANANA SKINS addresses polarization. It encourages visitors to question their own perspectives. Conflicts and issues are…“
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URBAN NATION and the URBAN NATION Museum is an initiative of the non-profit Foundation Berliner Leben, which was founded by Gewobag AG. The work of URBAN NATION is intended to promote creative exchange between artists and Berliners, and to support integration and participation through cultural education programs in Berlin’s neighborhoods. The initiative has been in existence since 2013. Since then, numerous artists have been invited to Berlin to design murals in different locations and thereby make art in urban space tangible for everyone. The first ONE WALLS (murals) have already been realized in Berlin without a permanent exhibition space. The ONE WALL program continues and continues the tradition of wall painting and muralism that is present throughout the city (in the east and west). Social and social issues always play a role in the selection of motifs and artists. …”