Olympiastadion & Olympiapark

Olympiapark Berlin
Olympiastadion & Olympiapark
Olympischer Platz 3
14053 Berlin

Current / upcoming events:

Lollapalooza Festival Berlin

Lollapalooza Festival 2024

“With its international character, it’s a unique festival for everyone that has been in Berlin for over five years. It’s known for its wide range of…“
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Together with the Olympic Stadium (Olympiastadion Berlin GmbH), the Olympiastadion summer pool (Berliner Bäderbetriebe), the Waldbühne and the Maifeld am Glockenturm, the Olympic Park Berlin is one of the most important sports facilities of the 20th century in Europe. For decades, the listed ensemble served as headquarters for the British forces in Berlin. Today, Olympiapark Berlin is once again a vibrant part of the capital. Athletes train here all year round in a wide variety of sports – both recreational, amateur and professional. Due to its diversity and size, however, the grounds are also a proven and popular venue for a wide variety of sporting and cultural events. …” (translated with the free version of www.deepl.com)