Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
Leipziger Straße 16
10117 Berlin Mitte

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Klima _X Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

Klima _X

“We all know the burden of good intentions. We often know what would be healthy and good for us, but we find it difficult to put them into practice. This…“
New Realities. Stories of Art, AI & Work

New Realities. Stories of Art, AI & Work

“Artificial intelligence is a hotly debated topic in society, culture and the media. More questions arise than answers. It is still unclear to what…“
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With 2,000 objects from our collection, we tell over 40,000 years of communication history on 3,000 square meters – from hand axes to smartphones. Join us on a journey of discovery through our exhibitions and find out how human communication works, how we acquire the necessary knowledge and how technical developments help us to do so. In guided tours, workshops or discussions with experts, we invite you to expand your knowledge and learn new skills. At events on topics such as media literacy or data protection, we would like to get into conversation with you. You can also experience communication with all your senses in more experimental formats such as sound performances or artistic walks. …” (translated with the free version of