Tales of the City – New Narratives on Architecture

Saturday 6. April 2024 — Wednesday 22. May 2024
Tales of the City - New Narratives on Architecture

Architecture for communities is at the centre of the work of Copenhagen-based architecture studio WERK. In the exhibition Tales of the City, 14 presented buildings and public squares can be experienced in an entirely new mode of perception and personal way. For each architectural work, the Danish-German writer and social commentator Knud Romer tells a short story based on his own associations and recollections. He contextualizes the works within society and provokes with unexpected questions. In combination with delicate models and sketches, the exhibition Tales of the City creates an alternative and entertaining insight, stimulates the visitors’ imagination and documents how architecture affects human beings and society. The presented projects from Denmark and Germany range from sport and leisure facilities to work environments, housing and urban spaces all focussing on community. This mindset as well as the holistic approach of offering social, climatic and infrastructural solutions are what characterises WERK’s work and are reflected in all the projects. …”

Aedes Architekturforum
Christinenstr. 18-19
10119 Berlin
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