Isa Genzken – 75/75

Thursday 13. July 2023 — Monday 27. November 2023
Isa Genzken Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin

To mark Isa Genzken’s 75th birthday, the Neue Nationalgalerie is honouring the German artist with the exhibition Isa Genzken: 75/75, showing 75 sculptures spanning all phases of her oeuvre from the 1970s to the present. Major works on display include the 10-metre-long Blau-grau-gelbes Hyperbolo ‘MBB’ (1981), Atelier (1990), Venedig (1993), Nofretete – Das Original (2012) and Schauspieler (2013). The presentation recalls displays of classical antiquity collections in its arrangement of individual sculptures in the Neue Nationalgalerie’s upper hall. In the configuration models, archetypes and assessments of the human and modern society emerge. …”

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