Christinenstrasse, Berlin-Mitte

Christinenstrasse Berlin Mitte

I do like the Christinenstrasse very much. It’s one of these threets, that brings you where you want to be – withouth beeing too selfish. Like so many other small streets it does connect Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte – but with a twist.

Half way down (or ‘up’ – depending on your location) there is the Teutoburger Platz. Not really anything spectaular, but – a small park. But in the summer time you’ll find the neghbourhood gathering here for a dring or a talk or both.

And then there is the Museum for Architecture Drawings – or actually the Tchoban Foundation. I have to admit I never went there (as of June 2020) but I know it’s a place to go.

Up near Schwedter Strasse you’ll find the infamous Schurkenkeller – one of those rather small ‘underground’ venues you might stumble into, but never really find out, what the evening was about. But it was great anyways. And you can rent it and have your own party there. Which is also great.