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Moonlight on Kastanienallee / Zionskirchstrasse

Berlin Kastanienallee Zionskirchstrasse

Almost full moon – but not quite yet. The houses on the corner of Kastanienallee / Zionskirchstrasse look yellow-ish, lit by the typical East Berlin yellow-ish street lamps. The tram cables cut the sky into polygons. Some clouds passing by, glowing, lit by the moon. A nice and quiet evening in the part of Mitte […]

Sunset Oderberger Strasse

Sunset Oderberger Strasse Berlin

Sunset Oderberger Strasse - Photo: T.Bortels/nuberlin,com

The Oderberger Strasse streches rather exactly from East to West . This means the sun rises on the one end of the street and sets on the other – towards Mauerpark.

Water Tower Prenzlberg

water tower prenzauerberg

Walking across Prenzlauer Berg last Sunday afternoon, shortly before sunset… And the link to instagram is right here: