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Chestnuts on Kastanienallee

Chestnuts on Kastanienallee Berlin Prenzlberg

View of Kastanienallee in the direction of the Schönhauser Allee intersection. The viaduct of the U2 underground line can be seen in the background and a streetcar is parked at the streetcar stop. The chestnut trees are in full bloom.

Chornier Strasse Festoons and Pennant Chains across the Street

Choriner Strasse Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

A view down Choriner Strasse, from the upper end in Prenzlauer Berg or from the corner of Oderberger Strasse / Schönhauser Allee in the direction of Mitte. Very nice to see here again the pennants and garlands that are so typical for Choriner Strasse. Every year at the Sttrassenfest, old garlands are replaced and new […]

Schwedter Steg, TV Tower, Street Art findus

Berlin Schwedter Steg

View from the Schwedter Steg to the metal stairs leading down from the Schwedter Steg to the wild green space that has developed here over the years between the numerous rail tracks. On the concrete pillar around which the stairs wind down, various graffiti and tags can be seen – including “findus” at the very […]