Another Country – Jewish in the GDR

Friday 8. September 2023 — Sunday 14. January 2024
Berlin exhibition: Another Country Jewish in the GDR

Starting 8 September 2023, the Jewish Museum Berlin will be showing the first-ever large-scale exhibition on Jewish experiences in East Germany. With a focus on cultural history and drawing on documentary research, the show delves into a little-examined aspect of German-Jewish history, bringing together visual art, film, and literature, as well as multifaceted biographies and exceptional artifacts. The exhibition centers individual perspectives as it explores Jewish experiences in the German Democratic Republic (GDR), extending this narrative beyond Reunification to the present day. Witnesses to history and their personal stories are at the heart of the show. What motivated Jews to return to the GDR? What did it mean to be Jewish there? …”

Jewish Museum Berlin
Lindenstr. 9–14
10969 Berlin