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Berlin: Remembering and forgetting in East Berlin

New Zealand Herald — Tuesday, 25. October 2016
"That is especially true of East Berlin. It used to be, "literally", as my 6-year-old is fond of saying, in another country - the German Democratic Republic."

When Hollywood Built Its Own Berlin Wall

Daily Beast / Greg Mitchell — Saturday, 22. October 2016
"When East Germans began tunneling under the newly built Berlin Wall in 1961, Hollywood muscled in with on-location filming even as tunnelers ..."

Berlin’s KW Contemporary Art Institute gets a revamp

Art Newspaper / Laurie Rojas — Friday, 21. October 2016
"The Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art (KW), which organises the Berlin Biennale, has closed its doors until January to allow for a restructure ..."

In Berlin, A Remembrance of Synagogues Past

Forward / Tom Freudenheim — Tuesday, 18. October 2016
"Aside from my having been endlessly drawn to Berlin since my first visit in 1963, I had an additional special reason for this trip: My two oldest ..."

The Director’s Guide: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin / John O'Ceallaigh — Tuesday, 18. October 2016
"A former railway terminus that was left abandoned for decades in the no-man's land between East and West Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof opened as a ..."

The Tunnels: JFK, the cold war and the Berlin Wall

The Guardian / Stuart Miller — Monday, 17. October 2016
"“I knew about the Berlin Wall, of course,” Mitchell says. “I grew up with Berlin being in the news all the time and I had the childhood trauma of fallout ..."

Germany sets up safe shelters for gay migrants

The Australian / Bojan Pancevski — Sunday, 16. October 2016
"It is hidden away on a quiet, leafy road in Berlin, where dozens of migrants are kept under round-the-clock security to protect them from fellow migrants ..."

Why Is an Artist Rebuilding Rosa Parks’ Home in Berlin?

The Creators Project / blog / Andrew Nunes — Sunday, 16. October 2016
"But an artist by the name of Ryan Mendoza has intervened, transporting the remains of Parks' Detroit home to Berlin, where he plans to reconstruct her ..."

The New Battle For Berlin

The Globalist / Stephan Richter — Thursday, 13. October 2016
"Viewed in that light, Berlin does not need to make any fuss about occupying the central spot in Europe. That position is going to be further ..."

Germany: Berlin’s war on gentrification

Financial Times / Guy Chazan — Monday, 10. October 2016
"Last summer, the residents of Wrangelstrasse 66, an apartment block in the trendy Berlin district of Kreuzberg, received an alarming letter from the ..."

500 Startups brings growth hacking program to Berlin

TechCrunch / Steve O'Hear — Friday, 07. October 2016
"500 Startups has quietly brought its growth marketing program to Berlin in Germany. Dubbed “Distro Dojo,” the three-month program targets post-seed ..."

TV Review: ‘Berlin Station’

Variety / Maureen Ryan — Thursday, 06. October 2016
"But “Berlin Station,” a contemporary serial set among CIA and German operatives in that European city, is a credible option for those who enjoy ..."

Berlin S-Bahn mock-up presented

Railway Gazette International — Wednesday, 05. October 2016
"Stadler Pankow and Siemens have presented a full-sized mock-up of the vehicle design they will supply for the Berlin S-Bahn. Built in the ..."

David Bowie Tribute Plaque Destroyed in Berlin

Ultimate Classic Rock / Nick DeRiso — Tuesday, 20. September 2016
"Take, for instance, the hoodlums who recently destroyed a plaque placed in the city of Berlin honoring Bowie. Unveiled just last month, the porcelain ..."

How Berlin Became the World’s Best Street Art Spot

Condé Nast Traveler / Eliot Stein — Tuesday, 20. September 2016
"With an explosion of eye-catching graffiti and murals covering its concrete canvases, Berlin is known as the most “bombed” (that is, "tagged") city in ..."

Kreuzberg: Berlin’s cheap, cool and creative quarter

Irish Times / Una Mullally — Sunday, 18. September 2016
"For the first-time visitor to Berlin, one of the most striking aspects of the city is how hugely underpopulated and joyfully decrepit the place is. In the early ..."

Art Berlin Contemporary slashes exhibitor numbers

Art Newspaper – Laurie Rojas — Tuesday, 13. September 2016
"The identity of Art Berlin Contemporary (abc) has been a touchy subject since the “anti-fair” launched in 2008. Billed as an invite-only, selling ..."

Art Fair Preview: Positions Berlin 2016

Blouin Artinfo / Samuel Spencer — Tuesday, 13. September 2016
"Described as the “youngest art fair” in Berlin, Positions Berlin is returning for its third year, taking over the Postbahnhof during Berlin Art Week from ..."

How Cycling Lessons Help Refugees Find Their Footing

CityLab / Giulia Pines — Friday, 09. September 2016
"Among those enjoying a recent sunny Saturday in Berlin's Gleisdreieck Park, there were kids bouncing around playgrounds, picnickers spreading out ..."

Berlin Festival to Launch Documentary Film Prize

Hollywood Reporter / Scott Roxborough — Tuesday, 06. September 2016
"Gianfanco Rosi's refugee documentary 'Fire at Sea' won the Golden Bear, Berlin's top honor, at this year's festival. The 2017 Berlin Film Festival will ..."

Berlin police to be armed with potentially lethal tasers

World Socialist Web Site / Johannes Stern — Friday, 02. September 2016
"The Berlin police are to be equipped with tasers capable of inflicting a lethal electric shock. This was announced by Berlin interior senator and lead ..."

Berlin: A dark past and a bright future / Melanie de Klerk — Friday, 02. September 2016
"It's been a few weeks since my arrival in Berlin. It's not quite enough time to feel completely at home but a bit too much time to still feel like a tourist."

Life In Berlin: The Canal Days Of Summer

NPR Berlin / Monika Müller-Kroll — Friday, 02. September 2016
"But in Berlin, it's been hotter recently than it was all summer long. The grassy banks, benches and bridges along the Landwehrkanal are packed."

Life In Berlin: The British Are Coming

NPR Berlin / Tony Andrews — Thursday, 25. August 2016
"Elliot Hermann and other British expats hold up signs to protest for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union on July 2, 2016 in Berlin."

When Berlin Found Its Gay Anthem

OZY / Eugene S. Robinson — Wednesday, 24. August 2016
"No wonder that a busker in Berlin picked it as his go-to for making a little cash one day. The same day that the song's author happened to be walking ..."

What I witnessed in Berlin last week

The Hill / Rabbi Jason Nevarez (blog) — Tuesday, 23. August 2016
"I just returned from what used to be a City Hall on the outskirts of Berlin, now home to 1,200 refugees sharing 60 toilets and 30 showers. I joined ..."

Budapest to Berlin: stranger on a train

The Guardian / Ed Cumming — Monday, 22. August 2016
"The next morning I woke at six to catch a train to Berlin. I was excited about the journey. Over 11 and a half hours it would take me through four ..."

Art from behind the Berlin wall

euronews — Monday, 22. August 2016
"An exhibition currently on show in Berlin takes us back to the time of the Berlin Wall. Under constant state surveillance and censorship, resistance took ..."

Life In Berlin: The City Of Spies Never Dies

NPR Berlin / Tony Andrews — Monday, 22. August 2016
"Berlin has a long history of being at the epicenter of espionage. And not only during the Cold War: Just this year construction on the new BND ..."

Industry welcomes Berlin’s latest Airbnb ruling

Property Investor Today / Conor Shilling — Wednesday, 17. August 2016
"A recent court ruling in Berlin has been welcomed by landlords and letting agents with properties in the German capital. Last week, a court ruled that if ..."

Life In Berlin: Berlin Beer Week

NPR Berlin / Hugh & Hana Eckermann — Friday, 12. August 2016
"Berlin Beer Week is a nine-day festival held every year at different venues throughout the city, celebrating craft beer and the culture surrounding it."

How moving to Berlin inspired me to go vegan

The — Thursday, 11. August 2016
"Portuguese food writer Inês David always had an uncomfortable relationship with food. Moving to Berlin gave her control over her eating habits and ..."

The Berlin Subway You’re Not Supposed to See

Popular Mechanics / Traci Newman — Thursday, 11. August 2016
"Everybody wants to go explore places that are supposed to be off-limits. In this video, the self-proclaimed urban photographer Falvius Vesely and his ..."

In Berlin, innovative art, museums confront tragic past

USA TODAY / Nancy Nathan — Wednesday, 10. August 2016
"Berlin is a city of tragic memory. In its post-Wall years, it has also been a city in a rush to confront that dark past with a dramatic energy. For the traveler ..."

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