Berlin News in English Media

Berlin News in English Media

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Berlin News: Berlin in the News – and News from Berlin – in English.

If you want to know what’s ‘really’ happening in Berlin, or at least what English media is reporting about Berlin, then this page might be the right place for you.

Here you’ll find a frequently updated compilation of the latest Berlin News in English / by English language Media so you can get a picture of what is going on in Berlin, what people in Germany’s capital talk about – and how ‘the rest of the world’ sees Berlin.

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‘Imago’ wins Edward Snowden Award in Berlin — Wednesday, 08. February 2017
"After winning in Toronto last year, Filipino filmmaker Raymund Ribay Gutierrez's “Imago” received another prize in Berlin, Germany. “Imago” won the ..."

Brooklyn and Berlin partner up to drive growth

WBFO / Mark Garrison — Tuesday, 07. February 2017
"Whenever Brooklyn and Berlin appear in the same sentence, the word “hipster” always lurks nearby like a smug intruder. True, both places are littered ..."

Remembering the Berlin Airlift

BBC News — Tuesday, 07. February 2017
"In June 1948 the Western Allies launched the Berlin Airlift, a daring mission to supply food and other essentials to West Berlin by air. It was in ..."

What’s New In Berlin

Journal & Topics Newspapers Online — Monday, 06. February 2017
"“Been there, done that” is no concept for Berlin. This year, the city again offers new attractions, highlights, and an ever-expanding cultural scene that ..."

Uber? Nein! 4 Essential Apps for Surviving Berlin

Hollywood Reporter / Scott Roxborough — Friday, 03. February 2017
"For a cheaper alternative, try Allygator, a shared shuttle service designed for Berlin clubbers trying to get home after a night of indulgence. It charges ..."

A view from Berlin

Financial Times / Alice Thwaite — Wednesday, 01. February 2017
"Alice Thwaite, 27, from London, moved to Berlin to bootstrap her business, The Echo Chamber Club, which promotes a pluralistic approach to news ..."

City breaks with kids: Berlin

The Guardian / Paul Sullivan — Thursday, 26. January 2017
"For all its reputation as the capital of cool, Berlin makes a fabulous family destination. Berliners are generally tolerant of children, public transport is ..."

The strongest street style at Berlin Fashion Week AW17 / Photography by Indigital — Friday, 20. January 2017
"The men of Milan may have been all about tailoring, but the street style at Berlin Fashion Week took a turn towards more informal outfitting. There was ..."

Nazi Anti-Semitism Destroyed Berlin Fashion Industry

Atlanta Jewish Times / Sarah Moosazadeh — Thursday, 19. January 2017
"“Berlin has a distinct flavor and offers a lot of opportunities to diverse groups,” German Consul General Detlev Ruenger said at the opening of the ..."

Berlin to trial legal marijuana scheme

The Independent / Peter Walker — Monday, 14. November 2016
"Berlin is on course to at least semi-legalising marijuana after a cross-party movement agreed on a ground-breaking pilot scheme. The capital's Social ..."

Berlin’s Hipsters Turn Into Property Bores

Bloomberg / Chris Bryant — Monday, 07. November 2016
"One of the joys of living in Berlin as opposed to London or New York was not having to endure tedious conversations about house prices. More than ..."

Berlin’s Unter Den Linden to Ban Cars in 2019

CityLab / Feargus O'Sullivan — Monday, 07. November 2016
"In 2019, the very heart of Berlin will go car-free. Following a decision Saturday, Berlin's Unter den Linden avenue will soon be off limits to all private ..."

Humboldt Forum takes shape in rebuilt Berlin Palace

Irish Times / Derek Scally — Wednesday, 02. November 2016
"Weeks after that exhibition came to Berlin for an honour lap, and further rave reviews, Mr MacGregor, the former director of the British Museum, has ..."

Berlin: Remembering and forgetting in East Berlin

New Zealand Herald — Tuesday, 25. October 2016
"That is especially true of East Berlin. It used to be, "literally", as my 6-year-old is fond of saying, in another country - the German Democratic Republic."

When Hollywood Built Its Own Berlin Wall

Daily Beast / Greg Mitchell — Saturday, 22. October 2016
"When East Germans began tunneling under the newly built Berlin Wall in 1961, Hollywood muscled in with on-location filming even as tunnelers ..."

Berlin’s KW Contemporary Art Institute gets a revamp

Art Newspaper / Laurie Rojas — Friday, 21. October 2016
"The Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art (KW), which organises the Berlin Biennale, has closed its doors until January to allow for a restructure ..."

The Director’s Guide: Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin / John O'Ceallaigh — Tuesday, 18. October 2016
"A former railway terminus that was left abandoned for decades in the no-man's land between East and West Berlin, Hamburger Bahnhof opened as a ..."

In Berlin, A Remembrance of Synagogues Past

Forward / Tom Freudenheim — Tuesday, 18. October 2016
"Aside from my having been endlessly drawn to Berlin since my first visit in 1963, I had an additional special reason for this trip: My two oldest ..."

The Tunnels: JFK, the cold war and the Berlin Wall

The Guardian / Stuart Miller — Monday, 17. October 2016
"“I knew about the Berlin Wall, of course,” Mitchell says. “I grew up with Berlin being in the news all the time and I had the childhood trauma of fallout ..."

Germany sets up safe shelters for gay migrants

The Australian / Bojan Pancevski — Sunday, 16. October 2016
"It is hidden away on a quiet, leafy road in Berlin, where dozens of migrants are kept under round-the-clock security to protect them from fellow migrants ..."

Why Is an Artist Rebuilding Rosa Parks’ Home in Berlin?

The Creators Project / blog / Andrew Nunes — Sunday, 16. October 2016
"But an artist by the name of Ryan Mendoza has intervened, transporting the remains of Parks' Detroit home to Berlin, where he plans to reconstruct her ..."

The New Battle For Berlin

The Globalist / Stephan Richter — Thursday, 13. October 2016
"Viewed in that light, Berlin does not need to make any fuss about occupying the central spot in Europe. That position is going to be further ..."

Germany: Berlin’s war on gentrification

Financial Times / Guy Chazan — Monday, 10. October 2016
"Last summer, the residents of Wrangelstrasse 66, an apartment block in the trendy Berlin district of Kreuzberg, received an alarming letter from the ..."

500 Startups brings growth hacking program to Berlin

TechCrunch / Steve O'Hear — Friday, 07. October 2016
"500 Startups has quietly brought its growth marketing program to Berlin in Germany. Dubbed “Distro Dojo,” the three-month program targets post-seed ..."

TV Review: ‘Berlin Station’

Variety / Maureen Ryan — Thursday, 06. October 2016
"But “Berlin Station,” a contemporary serial set among CIA and German operatives in that European city, is a credible option for those who enjoy ..."

Berlin S-Bahn mock-up presented

Railway Gazette International — Wednesday, 05. October 2016
"Stadler Pankow and Siemens have presented a full-sized mock-up of the vehicle design they will supply for the Berlin S-Bahn. Built in the ..."

How Berlin Became the World’s Best Street Art Spot

Condé Nast Traveler / Eliot Stein — Tuesday, 20. September 2016
"With an explosion of eye-catching graffiti and murals covering its concrete canvases, Berlin is known as the most “bombed” (that is, "tagged") city in ..."

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