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Berlin Map: Berlin's boroughs before 1990

Berlin Map: Berlin’s boroughs before 1990

Looking for a Berlin map? You have come to the right place. On this page you’ll find a collection of various different useful, rare and informative Berlin maps, available both online and offline: Berlin street maps, public transport maps, historical maps, PDF, etc.

I will continuously add more links to more maps as well as draw some by myself. Additionally I will also add more and more links to Berlin maps that you can purchase online – mostly street maps and historical maps.

And if you happen to come across an interesting Berlin map, that is not listed here yet, then please feel free to let me know and/or add a pointer to the comments section. Thank you!

Berlin Wall Map (PDF)

Berlin map PDF - The Berlin Wall 1961-1989

The Berlin Wall
13 August 1961 – 9 November 1989

Some time ago I made this Berlin Wall map. Please feel free to download and/or share.

download Berlin Wall Map (PDF)

Berlin Street Maps online

  • – the ‘official Berlin Street Map’ – a feature rich city map on the official homepage of the City of Berlin, featuring street and address search, parking garages, tourist sights, hotels, museums, public transport etc.

Berlin Street Maps you can buy and take with you

Berlin City Center PopOut Map

Berlin Berlitz PopOut Map

A foldable popout street map of Berlin city center that fits in your pocket, public tranport map included

At Berlin Berlitz PopOut Map (Berlitz PopOut Maps)

Berlin City Map, street index, Greater Berlin Area

Berlin (City Map)

This street map contains a booklet attached to the cover, including a street index, a Berlin metro plan and a map of the Greater Berlin area – useful, if you want to really explore Berlin and the surrounding region, lakes etc.

At Berlin (City Map)

Berlin Streetwise Map Foldable

Streetwise Berlin

A laminated street map of Berlin’s City Center, public transport map included

At Streetwise Berlin Map – Laminated City Center Street Map of Berlin, Germany – Folding pocket size travel map with metro map including S-Bahn and U-Bahn

Berlin Transport Maps: Berlin S-Bahn Map, Subway, Tram, Metro, etc.

Berlin Shopping Maps

Historical Berlin Maps – reprints you can buy online

Historical Berlin map: 1937 Berlin Potsdam Elite Touring Map

1937 Berlin & Potsdam Elite Touring Map

A Berlin & Potsdam Elite Touring Map of 1937, Vintage – “Nach Potsdam Sanssouci und in die Mark Brandenburg” – Map Reprint 36″ X 50″

View details / buy at 1937 Berlin & Potsdam Elite Touring Map Vintage – Map Reprint 36″ X 50″

Birds Eye Map of Berlin circa 1931

Birds Eye Map of Berlin circa 1931

Another historical map of Berlin: the “Birds Eye Map” – circa 1931 Vintage Reproduction 24″ high x 36″ wide (610mm high x 915mm wide)

View details / buy at Birds Eye Map of BERLIN circa 1931 24″ x 36″ (610mm x 915mm)

1905 Berlin Vintage Street Map of Berlin Germany

1905 Vintage Map of Berlin Germany (Giclee Art Print)

See Berlin’s city center as it was on this vintage street map from 1905: the Brandenburg Gate, the old City Castle, the Tiergarten – Map Reprint available in different sizes: 23.1″x 16″ – 61″x41.4″

View details / buy at Vintage Map of Berlin Germany (1905) (Giclee Art Print)

buy historical Berlin map: Berlin historical city center map

Berlin City Center 1811

A reprint of a historical map of Berlin’s City Center in 1811 – Vintage – Map Reprint 36″ X 49″

View details / buy at 1811 Grundriss Historical Map of Berlin

Vintage Map of Berlin From 1688

Vintage Map of Berlin from 1688

A map that shows what Berlin looked like around 1688 – you can clearly see the historical Berlin Wall and what is now the Museum Island etc. – reprint 12″ x 8″

View details / buy at Vintage Map of Berlin from 1688

Historical Berlin Maps (online)

Berlin Wall Maps (online)

  • The Wall inside the city – an interactive map showing the former course of the Berlin Wall inside the city – featuring memorial sites etc.
  • Berlin Wall Map at Google Maps, showing rather exactly where the Berlin Wall used to be.
  • Memorial Landscape Berlin Wall – an interactive map (google map) with texts and media about the Berlin Wall by ‘Stiftung Berliner Mauer’

Special Berlin Maps (online)

  • BBBike – route planner for cyclists
  • The Berlin Swimming Map – a map of Berlin lakes, open air swimming pools and public transport (how to get there)
  • Stolpersteine – a map with of over 6000 Berlin Stolpersteine / stumble blocks listed (more on Berlin Stolpersteine / stumble blocks)
  • Berlin Traffic Map – just click on the map labeled ‘traffic map’ and you’ll get a map of Berlin with construction sites, traffic jams and closed roads – a service by the City of Berlin
  • Bicycle Route Planner – an online tool that lets you find routes recommended for cycling across Berlin City
  • Pumps of Berlin is an interactive map of “all” free accessible bicycle pumps across the city: “Got a flat? Or do you just want to keep your tires perfectly pumped? Here’s where to go!
  • Ping Pong Map: find ping pong tables on this interactive online map: (
  • Sledge riding: a more or less interactive map of Berlin with all the recommended sledding hills / toboggan runs named and marked:
  • Berlin U-Bahn Sightseeing Map PDF is a cute (maybe a bit too cute?) illustrated map featuring a few of Berlin’s sightseeing highlights – and subway tracks.
  • Post Boxes: Want to send a postcard from Berlin, but don’t know where the next post box is? The Deutsche Post has an easy to use online tool for that: just enter your current location (in most cases street name will do) and the interactive map will show you where to find post boxes (“Briefkästen”). If you want to find a post office instead, you just need to click on “Filiales” and the tool will show you a map with the nearest post offices. And (of course) the ‘post box finder’ also works on mobile devices.
  • Recycling Centers – BSR service stations where you can leave trash like furniture, renovation leftovers and TV sets etc. (more on trash and recycling)
  • Free WiFi Berlin – cafés and restaurants offerung free internet access (more on Berlin internet access)

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