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Berlin Weather in July: a bit like April in Autumn

Berlin Summer Sunset July 2016

Some sunset in July - Photo: T.Bortels/

So far Berlin Summer has been a bit like the stock market: up and down. Yes, we had a couple of nice, sunny, warm days – but we definitely also had some cold, windy and quite rainy days. Even if it’s warm and sunny during the day, that doesn’t mean too much for the evening to come. Chances are that the next thunder storm is just around the corner.

But one nice side effect of this moody weather should be mentioned right in the second paragraph of this weather update: every now and then we have some stunning sunsets, all with dark  orange clouds and everything. And sometimes there are also some nice rainbows to spot. Nice!

So I don’t want to complain too much about this up and down, since that’s what weather is all about, isn’t it? And at least we did not have any severe floods like they sometimes can happen during the summer months. And this year there were actually already some serious flooding in the south / south west of Germany – but nothing the like in Berlin.

And – let’s face it – the rain, that keeps returning every couple of days, is actually good for the environment. So all the parks and and also the trees along the streets and alleys are all nicely green. So – I would say so far this summer has been a bit like April, concerning the rapid change of weather conditions – and Autumn, concerning the wind and the rain.

Update: the second half of July seems to be much more agreeable. Almost every day the temperatures are between 25°C (77°F) and 32°C (90°F) and the thunderstorms are only hitting Berlin maybe once a week – if any. People are enjoying themselves in Biergardens and on terraces, having dinner outside – summer has finally arrived. Yay!

Berlin Weather in January: cold, wet, windy – and sunny

In January we had again something of everything: some wind, some rain, some snow – and some sunlight. The temperature went down to something like -12°C and up to around +12°C – not too bad, but also not really nice. Overall I would say: the Berlin Weather in January was “ok” so far.

Berlin Winter Weather - sunshine on Oderberger Stasse Prenzlauer Berg in January

Sunshine on Oderberger Stasse Prenzlauer Berg

On the weekend it may however become a bit stormy. Some warm air is meeting with some cold air. Temperatures are expected to be slightly above 0°C – rain and winds will probably dominate the weather condition on Saturday and Sunday. Well… Have a nice weekend then!

PS: Feel free to check this weather map of Deutscher Wetterdienst / German Weather Service:

Berlin Weather in November: something of everything

Yes, we also had some serious November rain – but also sunshine, blue skies, stormy weather – and the first snow. There was basically something of everything.

If you look at the average temperature for Germany, this November was the warmest for the past 130 years – even though temperatures dropped in the second half of the month and the first snow even made it to Berlin. And there was also a 30% ‘bonus’ of sunshine, compared to the average November. In Berlin however we had 4% less sunshine than on an average November. For most people November is probably always too dark and grey anyways.

With over 60 liters per square meter this November was more than 30% more rainy, than an average Berlin November. And if you ask me: I could have skipped last Sunday’s evening rain easily. That was just a bit too much.

Now jet’s see what December will bring along. Usually the temperatures should drop a bit further towards the 0°C mark. And if the rainfall continues at the November scale, we should have lots of snow – sooner or later.

Berlin Weather in October: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Berlin autumn weather can be difficult, to say the least. For a couple of days the sun might shine, blue skies, no cloud anywhere. And then again it’s like this: the Berlin cloud stays for days and days and the it rains and it’s windy and cold.

Berlin Weather October Autumn rare Sunshine, Zionskirche, Berlin Mitte

Berlin Weather in October – blue skies are rare to find – Zionskirche, Berlin Mitte – Photo: T.Bortels

The beginning of October actually had some nice days. I already hoped we would have a ‘Golden October’ – which would probably translate to Indian Summer. But now the Cloud is back – and the weather forecast does not look pretty at all. On the news they said that there might be some holes in the clouds on the weekend – but I wouldn’t bet on it.

The temperatures are still rather moderate. Only occasionally the temperature drops below 0°C during the night – which would be 32° Fahrenheit. During the day the temperature is somewhere between 5°C and 10°C (40°F – 50°F) but adding rain and wind it does actually feel slightly colder.

But whenever the sun is actually shining, it can be very nice outside. The smell of autumn is back: the combination of coal heating and wet leafs rotting on the ground is the Berlin smell I love. For me it is somehow the beginning of The Berlin Year. Winter is around the corner, but not quite here yet.

So if you are planning to visit Berlin in the coming days, you should probably bring some waterproof clothing with you – and an umbrella could also be a good idea.

Berlin Weather in September: the driest, the warmest, the sunniest

Berlin Weather in September was kind of nice, but not too nice. The official statistics point out, that in all of Germany the weather conditions were a bit ‘below’ normal weather conditions: a bit colder and a bit less rain compare to previous year.

Photo: Berlin Sunset – Weather in September

Berlin Sunset – Weather in September: dry, warm and a lot of sunshine – Photo: T.Bortels

Statistically Berlin had in fact a ‘record’ September – at least compared to all other German states. Berlin’s September weather was the driest, the warmest and the sunniest.

Only 35 liters of rain made it to an average Berlin square meter. That is indeed not much if you compare it to the German average of 56 liters per square meter. The temperature however was slightly higher, than in average. Berlin had some rather comfortable 14.4°C / 58°F while Brandenburg had ‘only’ an average temperature of 14°C / 57°F. With almost 170 hours of sunshine Berlin had the most sun of all states in September – the average across Germany was around 137 hours of sunshine.

And: Berlin had some gorgeous sunsets, too. Yes indeed.

Data source: Deutscher Wetterdienst,

Berlin Weather: August-Autumn vs September-Summer

Currently Berlin Weather seems to behave a bit weird: it’s still August, but the temperatures are hardly climbing above the 20°C mark (which would be 68°F). And the trees actually seems to loose their leaves already. So is this still summer? Or is it already Autumn? Autumn in August? Please not. It’s not really cold – but it’s not warm either. It doesn’t feel like Summer at the moment.

Berlin Weather: autumn leaves in August 2015

Autumn in August: leaves covering the lawn at Zionskirchplatz – Photo:

Good news / not so good news: it’s not Autumn yet – and the leaves probably ‘just’ fell off the trees because the past months were just way to dry. And it seems that another ‘heat wave’ is just ahead of us: the weather report is promising whooping 33°C already this weekend, topped by 34°C on Monday. For the Fahrenheit aware folks: that would be some 91°F – 93°F on Sunday / Monday. And the sun is actually supposed to come out already this afternoon.

So far the forecast says this ‘heat wave’ will only stay for couple of days – next week temperatures will go down again towards the 20°C mark. But – you never know.

So – chances are, we have another Summer Weekend ahead of us – and all the summer activities should once again be possible. Whether you prefer hanging by a lake or grilling in the park – this weekend should be a good one for such activities. Time to leave the August-Autumn behind and hope for a September-Summer.

Berlin Weather: Summer has finally arrived

After high temperatures on the weekend Berlin City experienced some massive thunderstorms last night. Today the city is a lot cooler. Sun ist shining, a slight wind is blowing, temperatures are between 24°C – 28°C on day time and around 16°C – 20°C during the night.

During the next couple of days it may get even colder again – temperatures are expected to drop below 20°C during day time on thursday 09. July, but towards the weekend temperatures will rise again well above 25°C. That’s at least what the Berlin weather report is promising.

Berlin summer weather - July 2015

Berlin summer weather – July 2015 – Photo: T-Bortels

Berlin Weather: There’s snow – so it must be winter

It’s cold, it’s wet, and thesky is gey – back to the ‘Berlin cloud’. Sometimes something wet comes falling from above.. but is it rain? ..or is it snow? Nobody knows. But there are some traces of last night here and there: and it looks like “snow”. So it must be winter.

Temperatures are currently between –1°C and +1°C – no wind.

Berlin Winter - some snow

Berlin Winter – some snow – Photo: T.Bortels