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Admiralsbrücke / Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg

Berlin Kreuzberg Bridge Admiralsbruecke Landwehrkanal

Berlin Kreuzberg: Admiralsbruecke / Landwehrkanal - photo: T.Bortels/

The famous / infamous bridge Admiralsbrücke crossing the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. During the Berlin Summer this bridge can be quite crowded with people chatting, playing instruments, singing, drinking, enjoying themselves.

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A photo of a dog on a Skateboard

Berlin Kreuzberg: dog on a skateboard

A dog on a skateboard, Berlin Kreuzberg - Photo:T.Bortels/

I recently had an ‘interesting conversation on twitter… It started like this:

A photo of a Dog on a Skateboard?! Yep, sounds familiar. Continue reading

Historical Photos of Landwehrkanal, Berlin Kreuzberg / Tiergarten

One of Berlin’s most important water roads, the Landwehrkanal just turned 165. A good reason to compile a few historical photos of the canal.

Historical Photo of Potsdam Bridge in Berlin Tiergarten

The “Potsdam Bridge” (Potsdamer Brücke) over Landwehrkanal in Berlin Tiergarten, crossing Schöneberger Ufer and Reichpietschufer, 1898 – Photo by Waldemar Titzenthaler (1869-1937) – Berliner Leben, 1. Jahrgang, Heft 11. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Historical Photo Berlin Tiergarten Hercules bridge

Herkulesbrücke (“Hercules bridge”) near Lützowplatz crossing Landwehrkanal in Schöneberger Vorstadt, Berlin (now in Tiergarten district), ca. 1900 – Photo by Waldemar Titzenthaler – Landesinstitut für Schule und Medien Berlin-BrandenburgScanned from Janos Frecot “Helmut Geisert: Berlin in frühen Photographien 1857–1913. Schirmer/Mosel, Munich 1984. ISBN 3-88814-984-3. – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Historical Photo Berlin Kreuzberg Moeckernbruecke Landwehrkanal Hochbahn

Landwehrkanal and Hochbahn (high line U-Bahn) near Moeckernbruecke, Berlin Kreuzberg, 1928 –  “Landesarchiv Baden-Wuerttemberg Staatsarchiv Freiburg W 134 Nr. 000614 Bild 1 (5-94930-1)” by Willy Pragher – Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

 Landwehrkanal Hallesches Tor Berlin Kreuzberg

“Hallesches Tor, 1901” by Waldemar Titzenthaler – Scan from: Nick Gay, Berlin Then & Now, San Diego 2005, p.114. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons. Basically everything has changed around here – the only details I recognize is the actual train station.

Historical Postcard: Berlin Kreuzberg U-Bahn and Train Bridge Landwehrkanal

Prussian T3 train on railway bridge over the Landwehrkanal in Berlin Kreuzberg, near today’s “Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin” – Historical Postcard “Berlin Bruecke Landwehrkanal Hoch und Anhalter Bahn” by Unknown – Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Historical Photo: Berlin Kreuzberg Bridge at Görlitzer Park - Lohmühle Ufer

Train Bridge at Görlitzer Park / Lohmühle Ufer in Berlin Kreuzberg – 1869 – Photo by Hermann Rückwardt – scan. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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Carneval of Cultures Street Parade live stream

This year’s Carneval of Cultures Street Parade just kicked off. Wheather conditions are fine, and the parade currently makes her way through the streets of Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Not in town but still want to see, what the parade looks like? Lucky you: local public radio station Radio1 and local public TV station RBB are both covering the parade with live streams and photo galleries etc. – you’ll find the live streams and more from their website and

And then there’a also the Carneval of Cultures Street Festival…

Berlin First of May / Walpurgis Night

On friday it’s again the First of May – and the night before it’s Walpurgis Night. And just like in many german and european communities both are celebrated in Berlin. However – you might have heard already that Walpurgis Night and especially First of May have a bit their own ‘rituals’. I’ll try to explain a bit about it – and later I’ll add a page about Berlin First of May and Berlin Walpurgis Night to the info pages.

First I should probably say that on First of May some areas are not quite safe. There are not really any no-go areas – but instead there is a strange tradition of having riots in the streets of Berlin – especially in Kreuzberg – but also in some areas of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. But who is rioting? And why? Hard to say.

Berlin’s First of May Riots

As far as I know it all started back in the kate eighties (May 1st 1987) when a peaceful public neighbourhood party at Kreuzberg’s Lausitzer Platz  got overrun by police – and people reacted not quite amused. Police actually decided they had to withdraw from Kreuzberg. Since then at least for police forces Kreuzberg can be a ‘difficult’ terrain to go – at least on First of May.

The best place to go nowadays on First of May would probably be the so called MyFest ( in Kreuzberg. Over the years people got sick and tired of all the rioting and the best alternative seems to be to have – again – a peaceful neighbourhood party. So there will be some stages with live bands playing and for sure there’s gonna be some street food to snack. But anyways – be aware there can be complications.

Walpurgis Night in Berlin

Further information on Walpurgis Night traditions:


Berlin advertising – poster pillars everywhere

Berlin advertising: posters pillars everywhere

In Berlin almost every flat object can be a billboard – and almost every round object can be a poster pillar. And ‘everybody‘ thinks, “it’s just me – hanging a single poster on that pillar” then lamp poles and traffic signal poles can easiely become huge round objects that may look like ‘real poster pillars’, but basically they are just lamp poles and traffic signal poles, burried underneith layers and layers and layers of posters.

An interesting side effect: these ‘Poster Pillar’ might even work well as bumbers – so if a car would crash into one of these well-cushioned / padded / upholstered poles, the layers of posters might soften the impact – almost like an air bag. So maybe every street pole should be covered with layers of posters for the sake of safety? Maybe so. Maybe not.

You probably won’t see these objects in every Berlin destrict – but at least in Mitte there are some. This one I found near Rosa-Luxemburg Platz.

Kreuzberg music club SO36 celebrates 36 year anniversary

One of Berlin’s night life highlights turns 36 – and since the number 36 plays an important role in the club’s history, there will be a great party week celebrating this 36 year anniversary.

Named after the back then wild wild East part of Kreuzberg (postal code Südost 36 (South East) or short SO36) it kept rocking all ups and downs a club can rock: punk gigs, riots, roller disco, , bingo – SO36 has seen it all.

As a Berlin based music lover I have enjoyed many many gigs here – and as a musician I very much enjoyed playing here as well. I have to say  the backstage never really earned the attribute ‘comfort zone’ – always too hot (in a good and bad way) and never enough air – just to mentions two details… But who needs to rest backstage when you can party on the dance floor anyways? For me the SO36 also always was a venue where you could be close – or at least feel close: close to the stage, close to the stars, close to the people you’re close with. I just hope, the SO36 will never have to close. Have (at least) another swell 36 years!

Couple years ago the venue was actually close to closing – but support by bands and fans finally enabled the venue affording an anti-noise wall so the neu-Kreuzbergers could dream their little dreams, while the SO36 could keep on rocking…

SO36 Kreuzberg Party

SO36 birthday party – dance floor

The birthday week fest event schedule:
14.08. 35 years of EA80 – 36 years of SO36
15.08. Dancing with Tears in Your Eyes “SO36 Special”
16.08. 36 years SO36 – The Gala (Queershow, Live Act Eat Lipstick, DJs, Party …)
17.08. Café Fatal (Dance * Ballroom * Disco)
20.08. Night Flea Market // Nachtflohmarkt
21.08. Vika Goes Wild
22.08. Core Tex Fest Hardcore Day CANCELLED

SO36 stage (berlin, Kreuzberg)

a gig at SO36 / view from backstage, 1999 (archive)

Visit the venue’s homepage:
Learn more about legendary venue SO36:

PS: I think I don’t have to mention any silly comparisons with New York’s CBGBs, or underline the importance for the Berlin music scene / punk scene / cultural scene, or point out, that “The S.O.” is (and always was) one one the most liberal, queer friendly, anti-racist, open minded, dank-but-colorful surroundings ever, or even start name dropping (Kippenberger, Terrorgruppe, Einstürzende Neubauten, Dead Kennedys) because you can find out all of this yourselves :P

Go See: Exhibition “Titel 172” at Bethanien, Kreuzberg

exhibition at Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg – only until Tuesday:

“Titel 172 – Prahlerei ist die beste Ausrede auf dem Acker”

Works by Julia Ossko, Eugen Schulz, Danny Gretscher

exhibition at Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg

25.7. – 29.7.2014
15:oo – 20:oo Uhr

Kunstquartier Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Bethanien Invitation

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