another real estate project in Prenzlauer Berg

If you’ve been to Kastanienalle in Prenzlauer Berg, you probably know this wide open space opposite of the Biergarden Prater that was used as a parking area for ages. Nothing special – just some space for about 100 cars, some trees, some trash, some graffiti – a short cut and an open view connecting Kastanienallee and Schönhauser Allee.

Now these times seem to be over. Yesterday I witnessed the first tree cutting activities. Today the roar of the chain saw continued – I expect all trees gone by the end of this day.

Of course this didn’t come as a surprise. The typical Berlin gaps (Baulücke) became quite rare over the last few years and at least since I saw the construction site at Schönhauser Allee / Cantianstrasse I expected some construction activities in Kastanienallee rather sooner than later.

So – what is the plan for the ex-parking gap between Kastanienallee 97-99 and Schönhauser Allee 148? The online news magazine seems to know: a 30 Million Euro apartment and commercial project – both rental and for sale. On the front towards Kastanienallee the focus will be on apartments, on the front facing Schönhauser Allee it will be office space. A walk through / passage connecting both streets is officially part of the project – but we’ll see what will be left of that. Since the architect (Grüntuch Ernst) seems to be the same as the one that designed the real estate project Marthashof in Schwedter Strasse, I have my doubts if that passage will actually be accessible for the public. Or maybe that passage will be used as a mini shopping mall – packed with fast food restaurants, shoe shops and a Starbucks coffee shop? That would be… I don’t know… We’ll see.

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg – Ex-Parking

Find a selection of other projects by Grüntuch Ernst to get an idea, what this spot might look like when the building is built:

Berlin alcohol laws – your country (DE) has been blacklisted.

Wow. “Your country (DE) has been blacklisted.”
That’s a welcome message of a quite special kind.

When I was browsing through Berlin related news this morning, a report about Berlin’s alcohol law caught my eye. The headline “Berlin will allow 2 am last call” already suggested that that Berlin probably wasn’t this Berlin. And the teaser text went on “authorizing restaurants and bars in Berlin to serve alcohol until 2 a.m” leaving me with the certainty, that the article was actually not affecting night life in ‘my Berlin’, but about local alcohol lays somewhere in the U.S. of A.

Nevertheless I wanted to read up that story, thought it would give me some goose bumps, imagining it was about this Berlin, capital of Germany. I tried to imaging what a great hoax it would be to tell people, from now on they would only be serves alcohol until 2 a.m. – especially since ‘everybody’ knows Berlin is a 24/7 city where the bars only close, when either the last bar fly or the bartender decides to leave the building. For people in Berlin, New Hampshire this may be great news – for people Berlin, Germany however this would be the end of night life in Berlin, as we know it.

Berlin alcohol drinking laws

Clicking that link then lead me to a page that said “Your country (DE) has been blacklisted.”. Huh. No offense – but whoever designed that error message could probably have added some piece of additional information. Or? Well. Anyways – It must be quite a bit frustrating when you’re running a local newspaper in a small town newspaper in New Hampshire, population around 10.000, and then there are all these people that would like to read english/american news about Germany’s capital Berlin. So in that sense I do understand to block a website for a hole country – but the error message could indeed be a bit more ‘welcoming’ :)

Berlin Daily: country blacklisted error message

see also:
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Happy New Year! Happy New Berlin!

You might have recognized it already: this blog has just once again made a dramatic domain move: from –> back to – and I like it. Why? Well – to start from the beginning: first I thought “nuBerlin” was a too freaky domain to be recognized – too unprofessional – and ticket2berlin would sound more attractive, appear more reliable. This would be the domain where you could find useful information about Berlin – preparing yourself for a trip to the B-City… And first I liked the “ticket” beeing part of domain name. First of all it would underline the traveling point of view, and then it would also be useful keyword for SEO. And last but not least I hoped to have a “ticket” in the name would attract advertising clients.

Long story cut short: after a couple weeks I already disliked the commercial aspect of having a “ticket” in the domain name. So –  I packed my things and moved back to – the original domain plan.

Why am I telling you all this? What does it have to do with the Happy New Year? Well – I just made the move yesterday, 1st of January 2014 –– and since the domain name relates to something like “New Berlin” I thought I let you guys know. Ah – and the twitter account also changed back:
Please feel free to follow – and I might actually follow back :)

And then there’s also this gorgeously boring video I wanted to embed and share: riding on the Berlin S-Bahn on New Years Evening between Hackescher Markt and Westkreuz – and you can see all the fireworks along the tracks. On midnight the train stops at Hauptbahnhof / Central Station. No sound – bring your own. Greatness.

first Pictoplasma 2014 artists and speakers announced

It’s Pictoplasma’s 10 year anniversary next year – and the first round of artists and speakers for the 2014 Pictoplasma Berlin Festival and Conference 2014 was just announced. And all the characters are probably already excited to celebrate and rock the Babylon from 30 April – 4 May 2014.

From their website: “5 Inspiring Days With Conference Lectures, Artist Talks, Exhibitions, Group Shows, Animation Screenings… And A Big Birthday Party!”

So if you’re into animation and/or character design and all that jazz please feel free to find details and datasheets about Pictoplasma Berlin Festival and Conference on their website over here:

The full programme will be announced in February 2014.

storm passing through Berlin region

For today and tomorrow an official weather warning for Berlin (and other regions) has been released: a heavy storm named ‘Xaver’ is passing through. The speed of wind is expected to go up 100 or even 150 km/h – that’s around 60 – 100 miles per hour. It might rain and/or snow during the evening and night time.

…blogging the storm: I’ll update this post whenever there’s news to report about the storm or damage the storm has done to Berlin and Berlin region…

Fr. 17:00
It’s still a bit windy in Berlin, some “snow” came down, some construction sites collapsed – business as usual. Berlin streets looks way worse after 1st of May or New Year’s Eve.  Berlin traces of storm Xxaver

Fr. 11:05
Heavy winds, but little damage – currently that seems to be the conclusion / the after math. Although maybe it’s still too early the storm is not quite gone yet. Officials just renewd the storm warning and at least until the evening hours one shold still be quite careful when outside.

Now weather forecast service says the worst is already over? Good. We’ll see tomorrow morning…

Weather forecast service says the wind peak is expected for tomorrow morning.

Most of Berlin’s christmas markets will close their doors early today – or at least close their roundabouts and Ferris wheels will shut down. Schools will be open on Friday, but parents may decide for themselves if they want their kids to school. And Berlin firefighters have been asked for help in storm related incidents for about 25 times in the last two hours.

Over here you can find a loop of satellite images –>
…quite impressive to see, how the storm is slowly moving across northern Europe, approaching Berlin area… – …I guess I’ll soon pack my things, go home and have a cup of tea…
Just read on Twitter: “Svend or Bodil? Denmark and Sweden cant even agree on the name of a storm.” lol

When outdoors you should watch out for things flying around like parts of trees or roofs or flower pots that could fall off balconies. If you have a balcony yourself or flower pots attached to your windows please make sure everything is stable and in a safe position. In case you’re leaving your appartment check your windows and make sure all windows are closed. Fasten your seat belts and put your seat in an upright position…

Information Pavilion at Airport Tempelhof

The airport is closed, the green is open to the public. But what are the future plans for the “Tempelhofer Feld”?

Now there is a new information pavilion – an info-box located near the main entrance, providing information about the future use case scenarios of the airport’s taxiway area. And since the hottest topic probably currently is the potential development plan, the information provided focusses on the possible (or impossible) plans to build hundreds – or even thousands of apartments, but also a library and other buildings on former airport grounds.

here you can read about the pavilion in german and enjoy an aerial image of the development plans:…-senat-informiert-ueber-bebauung-des-temp.html



Berlin Christmas Markets

It’s this time of the year, that not only christmas markets are popping up here and there and everyhwere, but also aticles and blog posts about christmas markets. Why? Because it’s this time of the year…:)

In case you’re not aware of the german tradition of christmas markets, here’s a short intoduction: about a month before christmas, you can see these ensembles of booths beeing installed and combined with christmas trees, special light installations – sometimes even rides like roundabouts and ferris wheels are added. The booths will probably offer everything and anything from Glühwein (punch) to diy-socks, from candy to curry wurst. Depending on the *theme* of the market (if there is any) the range of goods offered may vary.

In smaller town you’ll find these arrangements probaly on some central square, probably on some market square, probaly near city hall. And since Berlin is a collection of small towns you’ll find lots of these markets – probably on some market square around the corner, down the street.

Coming up: a list of Berlins Christmas Markets

RIP Kadir Nurman – inventor of the Döner Kebab

There are things, that you probably think of that they would always have been. The Disco Ball is such a thing – and also Curry Wurst and Döner Kebab. And actually surprisingly quite many things were invented in Berlin – at least all the three things mentioned before are a.f.a.I.k. Berlin inventions.

Sometimes it’s not easy to find out who actually originally invented those things – but with the Döner Kebab Berlin style we can at least track the path of origin down to two people. One of them, turkish born Berliner Kadir Nurman, died already a month ago – on October 24th.

Since then I have this little note on my desk that I wanted to write something about Kadir Nurman, the Döner Kebab and Berlin fast food in general – but never found the time. Now, one month later, I  at least leave this little blog entry: Rest in Peace, Kadir Nurman.

Read on about at Wikipedia:

And more about the Döner Kebab over here:öner_kebab

S-Bahn disrupt between Nordbahnhof and Anhalter Bahnhof

There’s just another big gap in the north-south connection: after work was completed and U6 is back in operation, now the S-Bahn is disrupted between Nordbahnhof and Anhalter Bahnhof.

The construction work on the north-south connection will be split in two mayor phases: first from November 22nd until December 9th – and then again in 2014 the connection will be closed.

S-Bahn Nordbahnhof - under construction

Here’s further information about the first construction phase – in german only:

But on the above information page there’s also a link to a map showing how to get around the S-Bahn-gap. Direct link to the PDF over here:

everyday life in East Germany – new permanent exhibition

Since last Friday (November 15th) Berlin has a new permanent exhibition, addressing everyday life in East Germany before 1990. How was life in communist Germany? What did people read, write, what movies did they watch? Over 600 square meters of exhibition space offer an insight into work culture, weekend activities, leisure etc. of back then east german life:

The exhibition, spread over 600 square meters, presents original objects, documents, films and audio recordings that explore the gap between ideals and reality in the GDR.” (from the museum website)